Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Protein Shake

This morning as promised I made a pumpkin treat...a Pumpkin Protein Shake!  It was so creamy and festive.  I must share my made up recipe.  It was so creamy and delicious!  Had I have had spinach I would have put it in since I put spinach in all my can't taste it but it gives me another vegi that I can check off my nutrition list for the day...Remember I don't always measure things out, I just dump it all into my vitamix and blend...
Some pumpkin (About 1/4 can)
Some Skim Milk
A scoop of Chocolate Protein Powder (If I had vanilla I would have used it)
A cap of Vanilla
Some pumpkin pie spice
You can add some honey or agave but I don't like it too sweet so I didn't.
A Frozen Banana
Some Ice
I added about 1/4 Stephens Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate mix just for fun, but this is probably not needed.
Makes 2 servings

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  1. I will for sure be trying that it sounds so good and good for you!! I think the chocolate protein powder would be so good in it!! Thanks for the that I love Pumpkin!!