Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm In Love With October FF

1.  I'm in love with October here in Idaho.  It has been a beautiful, slightly chilly, slightly windy, sunny week and I am feeling so much better than last week, with the slight exception of still a runny nose, which is worse when I eat curry, which I got yesterday (and which I'm eating as I type) at this amazing new Thai Restaurant in town, when I had lunch with my friend from High School Cathy.
2.  I'm in love with Honey Crisp Apples.  I'm eating at least 1 or 2 a day.  I love how crisp and sweet they are.  I bought a box of bruised apples for $6 (gala and some other kind) and have been drying batches since last night.  I think I'm just about ready for a carmel apple; add a little fat and calories to my nutritious apple.  I'm sure craving those carmel apple sugar babies or suckers and I don't even like apple candy.
Remember this...last year we picked apples at my friends orchard; and I had hair!
3.  I'm in love with Pumpkin.  We bought our second loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread from our local bread store, but in all honesty, my homemade pumpkin gingerbread was better.  I'm loving washing my hands with pumpkin carmel latte soap and the smell of pumpkin cinnamon spice room spray (even though my nose is a bit stuffed at times).
4.  I'm in love with my cute patent leather dansko's that mom got me last season on clearance for $25.  They are coming in handy now that my toes are cold when I wear my flip flops.
5.  I'm in love with the funny things my sweet grandpa says and does, like yesterday when he told me I could have his silver dollar collection and was trying to give it to me right there.  I told him I might get in trouble if I did that.  He said twice, "When they go to divide up my bones, tell them I told you that you could have the silver dollar collection."  It was witnessed by mother and he was in sound mind too!  I took grandpa to get a hair cut yesterday, he didn't appreciate that it was too short, but it was a fun memory for me.  On our way there he said, "Are you going to get your hair done too?"  He was pulling a funny for sure.  When I took dinner to him last night he cleared off the table and said he was waiting for me to serve him, that if I wanted my tip in silver dollars I'd better serve him well!
6.  I'm in love with some new crocheted hats that I got from the accessory room at the cancer center this week.  They will keep my little noggin warm for the coming months.  I'm especially grateful for my follow up visit with my GYN Oncologist Dr. C who is fabulous and spent a good 30 minutes just chatting with us.  I asked her at the end of my visit if she would say that I am in remission and she said, "Yes, very likely given my CA 125 is 13!!!!"  Of course I still have one more round of chemo (3 treatments) left; Oct. 22, 23, 29 and I will have to have a CT scan in about a month to make sure there isn't anything growing in the abdomen/pelvis.  I also have my reversal of Hank my ileostomy scheduled for Dec. 13 (was Dec. 6 but I need a vacation before hand).
7.  I'm in love with the colors of the leaves that are changing around town, how it makes me so happy and relaxed!  I love when the leaves fall from our awesome tree out front.  I've patiently been waiting for them to fall all week, but I'm afraid they aren't quite ready to fall.  Last year they looked like this:
My sister Tristen acting like a witch.
Bridget looks so young here.
8.  I'm in love with a quote that I heard on a cancer video yesterday, "The future doesn't belong to the faint hearted, it belongs to the BRAVE."
9.  I'm in love with Southwest Airlines because they had an awesome sale this week.  I admit my frequent flier miles are all about Delta, but when it comes to a round trip flight from the West Coast to North Carolina for $318 instead of $500 I'll switch airlines.  I'm happy to report I'll be in Charlotte Dec 3 (late as in 11:55) until Dec. 11!  I can't wait to see my Charlotte Army and to celebrate conquering cancer!
10.  I'm in love with my cold insulated water bottle that Tenielle brought me a few weeks ago.  It keeps my water with Doterra lime drops cold all day and gets me to drink all the water I need in a day.
11.  I'm in love with Harry Potter's accent!  I've never watched all of the movies, so over the past 3 months we have had a Harry Potter Marathon and finally finished them this week.  Mom loves Harry Potter.  It was fun watching it with her.
12.  I'm in love with General Conference.  So many good quotes that I will have to save them for their own post, however I have to leave you with my favorite that applies so much to my life and the past 4 months from President Monson,"The difficulties which come to us present us with the real test of our ability to endure.  A fundamental question remains to be answered by each of us:  Shall I falter or shall I finish?  Whenever we are inclined to feel burdened down with the blows of life, let us remember that others have passed the same way, have endured and then have overcome."


  1. I'm in love with your attitude, your love of life, your bravery, your beautiful spirituality. Again you are my hero Terah. I admire and love you so much!! Thank you for fixing it so I don't have to be aunt anonymous!!!

  2. So excited for your return home....please keep me posted!!! i will definitely be seeing you :) Miss you and love you !