Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I have been blessed with the best friends a girl could ask for!  My mom has said through out the last 4 months that she can't believe how many wonderful friends I have all over the country.  It is true you all are the best thing that has happened to me and it is because of you that I am healing and will beat this thing called cancer.  I'm who I am because of my friends.  I have friends that I grew up with, friends from college, grad school, work, church and others I've just happened to meet along the way.  Some I have been friends with forever and some for a short time, but all together they have created this women of strength, courage and determination because of their examples and love.

This week I'm meeting up with my friends from grad school.  I know that one of the reasons I was suppose to go to grad school was because of the friends that I met there.  Grad school was hard, was it harder than cancer...that's a hard one to compare, because they are both hard in their own way, but I know that I can get through cancer because I got through grad school.  I got through grad school because of the great friends that I met there.  Brandon sat next to me, encouraged me when times were hard and didn't mind that I had my blanket since we sat under the a/c. Dave made us all laugh, has the greatest smile and gives some of the best hugs.  Jaime joined the church in grad school and is the most compassionate, sincere guy ever and gives equally awesome hugs as Dave.  Jaime married Kristen who was my therapist through school because she is the best listener and also encouraged me to keep focused when maybe it wasn't so easy.  And then there is Kirt...there is something about a southern voice that makes a girl's heart go pitter patter even when she doesn't want it to; especially every morning when he'd say, "Good morning Miss Terah."  If there was ever a guy who absolutely adored me it was him and the sad thing was I hardly gave him the time of day in the beginning, but by the end of our first year in grad school he won my heart over with his sweet nothings, dreamy smile and of course his lips.

Yesterday I had lunch with Brandon and Dave at a cute place called eggs in the city.  It was so fun to see them and catch up.  Dave asked me an interesting question, "When did I come to terms with the fact that I had cancer?"  After some thought I answered, "It was a progressive thing, probably after I lost my hair."  I was able to share my testimony of miracles, prayer and the atonement with them.  It was a sweet opportunity.  I've been praying for missionary opportunities and the Lord has blessed me with them.  Tonight I had dinner with Kristen and Jamie and their darling children Sophie and Luke.  It was such fun having sushi with them.  Jaime told me that I will get better because of all the prayers that are being said in my behalf.  He is so right.  Tomorrow I will spend the afternoon with Kristen!  She is such a great friend.  Kirt flies in tomorrow!  So can't wait to see him.  I've definitely been counting down the days since we first talked in July.  It will be fun to get together with everyone on Friday night!  And so the fun of no chemo week continues...


  1. I don't know anyone that has more friends than you, but that's because you are a great friend!! I feel we're friends even though I'm your aunt and way older!! What a fun way to catch up with just a few at a time!! love aunt L

  2. Of course we are friends! Aunts are definitely the best kind of friends!