Friday, May 17, 2013

A Very Hot FF

1.  This week has been in the 100's, in fact one day I got in my car and it was 108.  I needed a hot pad to change gears, but I love the heat, even though it makes for a hot evening jog.  I love seeing my tan line get darker, but it's not dark enough so for the next 2 weeks, you better believe I'll be out working on that tan.  I know I hear you skin cancer.  I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't even have sex, I eat well and I exercise, but yep I get my regular vitamin D!
2.  Tuesday we went to RS where the theme was "These are a few of my favorite things."  It was so fun.  We all gathered in a circle; 25 women.  We were given the words to the song and we sang it, which sounded beautiful and was such fun to sing.  Then we each pulled out our paper bags and shared a few of our favorite things.  Mine was my African market basket, my electric toothbrush, and lemons.  I love anything lemon.  When I think of lemons my mouth starts salivating.  I brought a jar of lemon heads and I broke down and bought the lemoncello almonds from Costco and shared with the sisters.  They all loved them too.  We also went around and gave a list of three things, 2 of which we loved and 1 we didn't and we had to guess what the hated item was.  It was definitely an activity I'll have keep in mind for the future.
3.  This week I tried 2 different Mexican carryout restaurants which were recommended by my nurses.  I figure I'm close to the Mexican boarder, there must be good Mexican food around here.  I had a tamale at both which were pretty good.
4.  I sang in church on Sunday, not something I typically do, but a sister heard me singing the hymns in Sacrament Meeting and asked me to take part in her RS Mothers Day Lesson.  I think it sounded pretty good, for not being a soloist.  Actually I just sang the first verse and the first chorus by myself and then other sisters joined in.  It was Hilary Weeks I Will.  It has a beautiful message.
5.  Today after work I drove to Deborah's.  We visited and then went for an early dinner at a pizza joint called Oreganos; which is only in the Phoenix area.  It had such a friendly and enjoyable ambiance and our waitress was awesome.  She even gave us to go soda's and I hadn't even ordered a soda.  We ate out on the patio which was very enjoyable.  We split 2 dishes,  an Italian sandwich with a side of the the most delicious sweet potato fries with a hint of cinnamon and a huge salad.  We had such an enjoyable time chatting away and eating delicious food.  It reminded me of when Alisha and I go to lunch.  Wish you could have been with us Alisha.  Maybe at Martha's Vineyard!
6.  We went to Deb's daughters dance recital at the high school tonight too.  It was actually very enjoyable and most dances were quite amazing.  The high school has dance classes for PE and Fine Arts credits. I wish they would have had that option when I was in high school.

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