Friday, May 24, 2013

Phoenix Homestretch FF

1.  The end is drawing near...I am 1 week away from my last Friday in Phoenix.  Oh, how I have enjoyed the last 9 weeks here.
2.  There have been critters eating my uncle's garden, but he's crafted this huge trap to catch them in and has been successful at catching 2 of them.  I think it is rather funny, the whole trap thing.  I can't believe that it is May and we are picking produce from the garden or rather would love to if the critters weren't eating our zucchini.
3.  I have eaten some amazingly sweet peaches and watermelon this week.  Deborah has a peach tree with the most delicious peaches ever.  Peaches and Watermelon in May; seems so weird, but I'll take it along with my grapefruit that are ever so juicy and sweet, given it's nearing the end of grapefruit season.
4.  I came in yesterday afternoon to squeeze my grapefruit juice and then continue reading my book with my sprinkler at my feet.  Aunt Leslie couldn't stop laughing.  This is why:
I admit this is by far the most unattractive photo of me in my big bosom bathing suit.  Can you see the sprinkler in front of the crate?  You have to find ways to stay cool in 100 degrees if there is no pool in the back yard!
5.  My brother Tanner made it to Kentucky this morning.  Him and his friends drove across the country so they can sell security systems in the heat and humidity, but also the beauty of Kentucky.  I hope he has one of the best Summer's of his life.  I absolutely had one of the best Summer's of my life when I lived in Kentucky.  Such a great place!
6.  Sister Monson passed away last Friday and her funeral was today.  I loved what her daughter Anne Dibbs said, "She lived the gospel in every thought and deed.  She cheerfully and willingly made many sacrifices in her life because of her faith in and love of the gospel.  And President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, "She never gave lengthy speeches, but her life was full of sermons and she served as an example to others."
7.  I got my housing and my Massachusetts's license this week!  4 weeks and I'm spending my Summer working at the beach!

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