Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This has become one of my favorite holiday weekends.  I think it is because it is the start of Summer, even though it feels like a Summer holiday here in Phoenix.  Over the last several years my family and I have gone to Hilton Head for an ER conference.  Not this year though and I am missing it.  However, I'm making this last weekend in Phoenix a very joyous one.  Friday I worked 8 hours, then went to Costco for our weekly mango's.  When I got home Deborah was there, which was a surprise, given I thought she would be there later.  We waited a few minutes more and then Amy came home.  We then went to the beauty supply store because Amy is a beautician and gets a great discount.  Then to the super market for toppings for our homemade pizza.  We came home and made homemade pizza.  Deborah made homemade sauce, which I will have to get the recipe for because it was delicious.  We used Trader Joe's garlic and herb pizza dough which is delicious.  We made a vegetarian and BBQ chicken pizza and drank coke zero.  They were both delicious.  My new favorite kitchen appliance is the pizza stone.  Better believe I'll be getting me one someday soon.  They make the best pizza.

We sat at the table and laughed for about an hour.  I had to go back to the supermarket, because I forgot my anti-fungal cream for my lovely ringworm which decided to plant itself on the back of my left knee.  So annoying and how the heck did I get it?  I swear it started by a mosquito bite a few weeks ago.

 I also bought stuff for my traditional fresh peach pie (see the recipe from last Summer).  Kind of weird that I'm making it in May.  I usually only make it once a year, but given I'll have 2 separate Summer seasons, I'll probably make it once more.  It is by far one of my most favorite pies.  As a matter of fact, I just made the glaze before I sat down to blog.  It is definitely a time consuming process.  Back to Friday night.  So after we got home from the supermarket, we watched Safe Haven.  None of the other girls had seen it, but we all love it as we ate our Chicago style popcorn from Costco.  If you haven't had that you better find yourself going to your local Costco.  Deborah loved the introduction to it and said it would be perfect for their family movie nights.  We stayed up way past our bed time laughing and chatting until 1230AM.
Saturday morning Uncle Gordon made omelets.  By 9:30 we were all off to our separate destinations for the day.  Mine was to work, where I only had to work 4 hours.  I really only worked that day so I could have my last cinnamon roll that Dr. H. brings in every other Saturday morning.  They are almost as delicious as my mothers.

 After work I stopped by Nordstrom Rack and just happened to find a very nice pair of Acix running shoes.  They say your should replace your running shoes every 6-12 months. I replace mine when my feet start hurting when I run, which at this point is 12 months.  By then it was Happy Hour and I made my way to St. Frances, a very modern restaurant that Dr. H. and others at work talk so highly of.  It was so busy, instead of waiting an hour for a table, I was offered a seat at the bar, which was actually quite entertaining.  The cool part about it is that the other side of the bar is outside, so I was facing outside and watching drinks be made.  I will admit this was totally worth going by myself on a Saturday.  I splurged and had an appetizer of  goat cheese with stewed tomatoes and pesto that I dipped my toasted bread in.  Delicious.  My entree was recommended by Dr. H; Pork Chili Verde with corn bread.  I have never had such a dish, but let me tell you, I will definitely be trying my hand at it when I get home.  It was to die for.  No wonder Dr. H has it every Sunday.
Modern food and a very modern building.
 Across the street was the biggest See's Candies I've ever seen, so I of course had to go get me a chocolate.

Afterwards I did a little more shopping. I bought a new bathing suit (not like I need another one to add to my 15), some hair stuff and found an awesome jewelry holder for when I travel.  I've been searching for something similar for months now.  Last night I finally finished our family 2012 Shutterfly book, only 5 months late, but it is done and so cute!
Today we went to church, which included time in primary where Aunt Leslie subbed by teaching sharing time.  Since being home I've marinated out pork tenderloin in a balsamic vinegar, fresh rosemary and basil and other ingredients, which we will grill later.  If it is good I'll post the recipe.  I've also done some laundry, I know not a sabbath day activity, but it needed done.  I've started on the pie which we will have tomorrow if we can wait and I will soon peal the peaches from Deborah's tree.  Aunt Leslie is getting ready to make her 4 loaves of bread, which I'm just about to watch her do.  Shortly we will watch the re-run of Sister Monson's funeral on the BYU station.  I'm so excited to have tomorrow off and enjoy the day with my AZ family!

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