Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hawaiian Haystacks

I thought everyone had a family recipe for Hawaiian Haystacks, but today my friend Lauren requested my recipe that I'm sure we had for a RS function, so that she could serve it for the 7 missionaries that she is having for dinner on Friday.  Of course I think my family recipe is the best.  It's so easy breezy.  And remember I just dump until it taste the way I want it to taste, so you just do the same.
Chicken Gravy
Combine Sour Cream, it depends on how much you are making, but I like mine to have a sour cream taste so maybe 12 oz.  A can or two of Cream of Chicken soup again depending on how much you are making.  Add some chicken broth, depending on how soupy you want it.  I like mine thicker, but the more you add, the farther it will go, but don't make it like thin gravy, you don't want it going all over the plate.  Cook on the stove top.
Add your Chicken:  as much as you want.  You can either get an already cooked one from Costco and cut it up or cook your own chicken breasts.  I like the easy route of Costco.
At some point make your rice and not minute rice.  I'm not good at making rice, it is either not done enough or too done, even though I follow my mothers directions of 2 cups water to 1 cup rice, a little salt and butter.  Cover and bring to boil, then turn to low for 20 minutes.  Never take the lid off while rice is cooking per my mother.
My Favorite Toppings:  green onions, tomato's, pineapple, frozen peas (slightly unthawed by running them under warm water), coconut, Chinese noodles, cheese, olives, mandarin oranges and whatever else sounds good.

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