Friday, May 10, 2013

FF Phoenix Countdown

1. I've really enjoyed my time here in Phoenix, however just today I counted the number of shifts I have left until I'm finished.  I think the countdown has to do with all that is going on back home.  So 17 work days and I will be on my way home and it will be June!
2.  4 weeks ago I discovered a Saturday market close to my work.  There isn't a lot there, except for food.  You know my love for food.  Every Saturday I've treated myself to a chocolate filled croissant and a macaroon.  But my favorite thing about the market is a man selling African Market Baskets.  I'm in love with them and have bought a total of 5.  Tempting to buy one more tomorrow morning given tomorrow is their last day for the season, but I'll hold off, knowing I only have so much luggage and means to take them home.  I took 3 home when I went home a few weeks ago and bought 2 more last week.  I love them for going to the supermarket and can't wait to use them for my trips to the farmers market on Martha's Vineyard.
3.  I've discovered hazelnut chocolate salt water taffy to go along with my favorite key lime coconut taffy.  Hazelnut chocolate taffy is like a party in your mouth.  You can find both at your local Winco for $1.98 a pound. 
4.  This afternoon I spent reverted to my childhood and teenage years as I spent over 2 hours out in the back yard, with the sprinkler under the trampoline, reading a cheesy romance novel and drinking fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.  I know you all think that I do that every day, however it's typically too hot to be outside for more than an hour.  Discovering the sprinkler made it much more bearable.  To be truthful, it's been an entire week since I've actually sat our side after work.  
5.  One evening this week I found myself wrapped in a blanket, reading a book, swinging on the porch swing outside in 80 degree weather.  Maybe it had dipped into the 70's, but I still found it funny that it is Summer and I had a Winter blanket.  There is something ever so relaxing by swinging on a porch, book in hand on a Summer evening.  

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