Friday, May 3, 2013

Another Phoenix FF

1.  This week has been super hot.  When I got back on Monday at 7pm it was 103.  Crazy that I was feeling those kind of temps in April!  A funny thing happened at the airport when I was waiting for my shuttle to my car, my cousin Debs husband drives by, pokes his head out with a confused look and asks me if I needed a ride.  It was quite the coincidence.  He had been in CLT for a day, said it was rainy the entire time.  I was actually surprised that he recognized me with 10 inches off my head.  I only waited 7 minutes for the shuttle not bad at all and had a nice conversation with a very friendly lady waiting for her shuttle.
2.  I had a short layover in SLC.  They have a Pinkberry in the SLC airport, which I suspect is new.  I love Pinkberry frozen yogurt.  It's kind of sour, but oh so delicious.  They have Pinkberry's all over the world, except for ID and only 1 in AZ in Tucson; not close to PHX.  There are even Pinkberry's in CLT so if you are there, go find one.  My mouth is watering for one as I'm typing this post.  I had half key lime pie and half swirled salted carmel and hazelnut chocolate.  Yummy and only 200 calories.
3.  Wednesday was my cousin Amy's bridal shower at Debs.  There was quite a large turnout.  I always thought my AZ cousins looked like Young's, however after meeting the Gaisford side, I can see where they get their looks and long lean body's.  Cousin Jennifer flew in for the occasion from Seattle.  I drove the hour with dad's cousin Julie.  It was fun to visit with her.  I loved the simple decorations; I've always love using lemons for decoration but the added flowers were the perfect touch.
4.  This morning I saw petals from a flowery bush flying onto the freeway, because of the wind.  It was one of the most beautiful scenes I've seen since being here in AZ.  It was like someone was throwing rose pedals from the freeway.
5.  Yesterday I tasted the most amazing taste to my tongue at Costco; lemon yogurt covered almonds.  I actually had 2 samples too.  Lets just say I will abstain from purchasing some until I go home for good.  We will have them at our next RS activity with the theme of "When life gives you lemons..." as I haven't been released from that calling so the planning has begun.
6.  I finished the first Downton Abbey last night and watched the first episode of the 3rd season.  I'm such a fan, I can hardly wait to watch more!
7.  Have I admitted how much I love honey/champaign mangos and blueberries.  Oh, I do along with all the grapefruit I can eat!  Keeps me regular for sure.
8.  Wednesday I found a cajun restaurant.  I had to have me some gumbo.  It was rather delicious, even though it was a bit spicy.  Of course it didn't come close to the gumbo from Brick Oven Beanery, which I might add I got an email this week letting me know their recipe book will be out Oct. 5.  Guess what we will be having for dinner that day?  Gumbo of course!


  1. I like your new background :).
    Your hair looks great! I love a good chop of the hair- makes me feel light and free.
    I am going to borrow your RS meeting theme- perfect for what I was trying to figure out on the wording for thank you!
    I will have to try those lemon almonds. They sound delicious!

  2. Oh, Emma I just love reading your comments. It's just like we are having our own conversation face to face there in CLT. The new hair style feels ever so light and I love it. Glad I was able to help you in your calling! How about I share what I've come up with and you share too. It will be like doing it together.

  3. I know it is fun :). So glad you like your haircut- it looks good on you. Yes! Lets do share. I will send it thru a FB message when I get a chance today about them. Thanks!