Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stupid People and Safe Haven

The last 2 hours I've been on the phone with CVS-Caremark trying to transfer a prescription to my local pharmacy.  Can I just say I will never allow my prescriptions to be done by a mail order ever again.  This process started yesterday, actually a few months ago when I called CVS-Caremark to have my prescription transfered.  The poor pharmacy tec at Costco, what a sweet girl though.  She kept calling and they would tell her I wasn't on file.  I would call and it took forever with one to find the information.  Then I called another lady and she pulled it right up.  Lesson learned, there are stupid people and there are smart people who actually go the extra mile and figure things out.  It got transfered.  Good thing.
On a happier note:  Safe Haven is out on DVD today.  I can't wait to go out and buy it so I can watch it this weekend, cause that's what you do on weekends when you don't have to work night shifts!  I highly recommend this movie.  Nick and I went to it one morning when I was in NC.  Totally love it and so will you!
This morning on the radio they said, "Enjoy this week of 80's, because it won't be in the 80's again for another 6 months."  I like it here in the 80's because that means it cools off in the evenings and makes it much more enjoyable to jog.  I've been going now from 630-730 because it is getting darker around 730.  Last night I left a little later, like a few minutes later and Aunt Leslie popped her head out looking for me.  It wasn't dark yet, just a little dusky.  I made it home very safe, dead ipod in hand...don't you hate it when your ipod dies halfway through your work out?

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