Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend was such fun.  I left work a few minutes early so I could get some grapefruit off the tree's and then it was off to the airport, where I had 20 pounds over weight of grapefruit in my suitcase. No problem I was able to put them in my new market basket and I gave one to the very kind man at Delta.  There were no lines at all, which I love and which was surprising given it is a rather large airport.  Tenielle and Tanner picked me up from the airport as they drove in around the time I landed.  
Friday morning we all went to the Dentist.  Well, actually I'm the only one who had my teeth cleaned, but it was a family affair.  Because we were right next to Bowl of Heaven, we had to stop and share some of this delicious treat.  A little shopping at gap and a few other stores and then lunch with Alisha and baby Calvin at Flatbread Community Oven.  Alisha has been telling me about this place for years.  I think it is now my favorite Boise restaurant.  We had delicious salads and sandwiches on focaccia bread.  Super yummy.  I had a chat with Grandma Betty and a pedicure by Tenielle, before we were off to watch Bull Riding.  It is so sad that little Nampa is no longer little Nampa.  We use to go to events like that and see all of our friends.  We don't see anyone we know anymore.
 Saturday was the day for my donation to Locks of Love.  After my new style, we went to Beauty and the Beast on Broadway.  Tenielle gave us these tickets for Christmas, so Merry Christmas to us!  We had so much fun.  The Morrison Center is a beautiful Theater, I especially love the Boise River that sits in back of it and of course I have such memories from my time at Boise State.  All the kids came over for a BBQ and to celebrate Gavins 6th Birthday.  Oh what fun we have when we get together.  The weather was just beautiful too.
Kadyn blew out Gavins candles last year too.  So funny.
 Sunday we went to church, had dinner and then visited Grandpa and Jeanne.  We walked back from their house like we have thousands of times.  Tenielle commented that it sure seemed like a shorter trip than it did when we were growing up.  After Tenielle and Tanner left, Tony, mom, dad and I played cards; of course I lost.  There always has to be a loser.
 Monday morning Tony left and then I went to Grandpa's and the hospital to get his medical records (another post on that coming soon.)  Tristen and the girls met us on a spur of the moment at Brick 29.  I had a delicious steak salad with tarragon dressing, which I love.  Before going to the airport, Tristen, the girls and I stopped at the temple to enjoy the beautiful tulips; my favorite flower!

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