Wednesday, May 29, 2013


By now you all know my love for grapefruit and the three tree's that we have here in our yard, ok, not my yard my aunt and uncle's.  Today I drank my 3rd to the last glass of grapefruit juice while here in Phoenix (for now)  from the 3 grapefruit that I picked on 2 different tree's.  The grapefruit are getting to be so juicy and sweet because it is nearing the end of the season.
Can you tell I got another hair cut today?
Tomorrow I will pick as many as I can to bring home and to take to work.  I'm pretty sure I'll be all scraped up because those limbs are thorny like and not very nice.
Did you know a big grapefruit tree is like an umbrella?  We have 2 smaller tree's here and one huge one.  I love to go underneath the huge one and pick my grapefruit with my grapefruit picker; yes there is such a thing as a grapefruit picker for the grapefruit that is too high to reach, even with it I can't reach the really high ones.
The grapefruit picker has a lovely basket that the grapefruit falls into.

When I first got to AZ it made me sick to see any grapefruit wasted when they would fall to the ground, however I think I'm use to it, even though I still hate a wasted grapefruit.  The scary thing is when I'm reading on the trampoline and I hear from the top of the tree a grapefruit falling through the leaves and then the boom onto the ground.  I cover my head hoping it isn't headed toward me when I start to hear the leaves shuffle.  

This is got from the two grapefruit above.  The one was huge.
When I was 8 we got a box of grapefruit one Winter.  I have no idea where it came from, but I was happy to have it.  I had a half of one every morning for breakfast.  That June we drove to see Phoenix on our way to Disneyland where I ate more grapefruit.  On our way home I developed some really bad right flank pain (side pain) and had blood in my urine along with some nausea and vomiting.  It took at least a week, but felt like forever as different doctors poked and prodded and finally determined that I had a kidney stone.  According to my mom it took 6 weeks for it to pass, even though I still think it took all Summer.  I remember rolling in circles in a fetal position on the kitchen floor and puking because of the retched pain I was in.  One night my parents got a babysitter so they could go on a date and my parents bought me this art set I think so they wouldn't feel guilty for leaving me under such circumstances.  Every so often I would have to have a study to see where the stone was, so they had to clean my poor little 8 year old body out.  Do you know I really don't like mint because of this?   It stems from my mom putting castor oil in a mint milk shake, which I didn't really drink because of the disgusting taste, but my siblings did.  I still wonder what effect it had on their bowels.  Eventually the stone passed and all were happy.  The pathology report:  a citric acid stone.  From:  eating too many GRAPEFRUIT.  Since then every time I eat grapefruit my mother reminds me to drink a glass of water to wash it out.  And since I've been here, my mother continues to remind me to drink my water.  I drink plenty of water, however I drink a lot of grapefruit juice and I hope and pray I don't develop a stone ever, let alone in the next 15 weeks.  What a way to ruin a Summer.
I will admit, I think I'm just about grapefruited out.  But I'm sure if I'm to come back during the Winter I will be back to a glass of grapefruit juice with lots of ice every day!
The newly growing grapefruit look like limes.  I wonder if they taste like limes at this stage of growth?

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