Thursday, September 12, 2013

A $3,679.10 Tender Mercy

Yesterday I needed to pay my co-pay so I was going to use my credit card from my Health Savings Account that I have had for years from when I worked for PEMA, but it didn't go through because the card was expired.  At the time I had gotten the HSA I thought it was kind of stupid that I didn't have a normal insurance plan, but my employer put most of the money into, which was just fine.  I have used the account from time to time for prescriptions, co-pays, and dental work, which has been nice.  While I had chemo yesterday I called to get a new card and to find out the balance.  To my surprise I have a balance of $3679.10!  Talk about another Tender Mercy!  I'll use it up towards my medical bills that already feel less since knowing I only have one max out of pocket this year.  I love finding extra money when you least expect it, like finding an extra $100 in a purse I haven't used in almost 2 years or realizing there is an envelope in my drawer that I have an extra $400 that I was going to spend on a plane ticket or give away last Christmas.   I'm all about a cash stash, HSA's and Tender Mercies!


  1. I wish I had some pockets with Benjamins hidin in them ;)!

  2. That's great! This makes me want to go through all my pants pockets, purses, mattresses, and couch cushions :).

  3. and the blessings just keep coming!! Keep looking you may find lots more!! Love aunt LG