Monday, September 23, 2013

Grandpa and A Soda

Saturday morning Grandma Jeanne called at 6:23 because Grandpa S. wasn't doing well.  Mom, dad and I went over to see what we could do.  Nothing really except hold his hand and let him cry.  He kept saying he wanted to go home; his Heavenly Home.  It is so sad to see him in pain and discomfort, even though Hospice has him on some of the strongest medicines he still has pain.  Later that afternoon I walked over to see how he was doing and he was up, combing his hair and had just gotten dressed.  He was doing rather well.  We went out on the patio and drank a coke, because that's what we always did growing up.  I asked grandpa why he drank both coke and pepsi, because usually you are one or the other and he said, because he couldn't taste he didn't know the difference.  Funny reply.  It was a beautiful fall afternoon and we enjoyed it immensely.  It was nice to chat with grandpa over a soda, like old times.  Grandpa wanted Chinese food so he got what he asked for from our hometown Hong Kong.  The last time I ate there was years ago and I remember we went with Grandpa and Jeanne and Grandpa puked half way through.  He didn't remember that.  So I ate Chinese Food with Grandpa and Jeanne and made another memory.  Grandpa probably won't last much longer.  I hope that he doesn't suffer too much or too long.

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