Friday, September 6, 2013

Already September FF

1.  Our evenings are starting to feel like September!  I love Fall and the crispness in the air already! Today it was only 77, however it is suppose to be up to 90 next week.  Fall will be here soon, but I will enjoy 90 when it comes!
2.  Saturday morning Tristen, Tenielle, Mom, Aidree and I headed up a little past Park City to Swiss Days.  I've always heard it was the best arts and crafts festival but was taken back by how amazing it truly was.  We had a blast, bought Christmas presents, ate snow cones (I admit I had 2; I needed my fluids in the hot sun), shared Navajo tacos, bought a chocolate cream pie that I'm sure was the best I've ever tasted and enjoyed being together.  I felt fantastic even though I had chemo earlier in the week.  Mom kept worrying that I was going to wear out from the heat, but I was fine.  Aidree did awesome too.  I'm pretty sure we walked her legs off, but she never complained.  I think she just enjoys girls dates as much as I do.  Given the fact that we were in Heber, we had to stop at Granny's Drive-Inn.  They have the best raspberry and almond joy milkshakes of all time.  We use to get them all the time when we were in college and would go up to Park City.  Of course they didn't disappoint 12 years later either.  We even saw a touch of Fall color's in the canyon!
3.  Saturday night even though BSU had their first game of the season, which that's all we will say about that, we went to our favorite theater to see Tarzan.  It was Broadway worthy and more entertaining had we have stayed home to watch the game...We were glad we didn't take Aidree, because she would have been scared by the masks.  Maybe in a few years she will enjoy it.  
4.  I loved staying at Tristen's new home this weekend, which is exactly a 1/2 mile from where Tenielle lives.  Most of all I loved sleeping in MY bed, given the fact that she is using my bed in her guest bedroom, since I'm not using it at the moment.  Of course we were sad to leave the girls.  I love them so.
I love this picture of Tenielle and me!
5.  Sunday I had a lovely time catching up with my childhood friend Jenny.  It never feels like time has ever passed between our visits.  
6.  Tuesday was Alisha's birthday so mom and I met her and her sister's and mom for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  It was so much fun and delicious!
7.  Our friend Sylvia brought us a peach pie on Tuesday.  It was amazingly delicious.  I make her pie every season, but mine never sets up like hers.  It could eat peach pie daily!
8.  Thursday my cousin Abe stopped by in the middle of the day, so we took advantage that it was lunch time and took him to the Robin's Nest.  To bad Aidree wasn't here.  Instead of a normal 4 year old asking to go to McDonald's, Aidree say, "Mom, can we go to Robin's Nest?"  I think that is so cute!
9.  Today I met my previous supervising physician and wonderful friend Janine for breakfast at a French restaurant in downtown Boise.  I loved it and absolutely loved having a conversation with her after not seeing her for 8 months.  She is so awesome and a great friend.  She has always given me so much encouragement and praise.  The weather this morning was beautiful.  I later met up with Alisha and we enjoyed a Bowl of Heaven and a Target run.  
10.  Yesterday my dear friend Pam from CLT called.  I haven't talked to her in forever.  During her call we had us a true Southern Storm which I greatly enjoyed, until we realized it was so bad that our basement was flooding.  It was only around the edges, but a reason for new carpet!
11.  Tonight I went to my cousins high school football game.  I haven't been to one in years.  It was fun to go to a hometown football game.  He had his senior pictures taken and was holding a football.  You can see the Terah's Army wrist band that he is wearing in the hand he is holding the football in.  I thought that was pretty cool.  My cousin's daughter cut her hair and donated to locks of love today.  When asked why, she pointed to her wrist band.  She really doesn't know me well, but I am so thankful for her support in my behalf.  Her mother Misty is so dedicated, she sends me cards more than anyone.  I love it, they totally make my day.  This has certainly been a fabulous week indeed, back to chemo next week...
PS.  Can you tell that I enjoyed food this week?  Since I didn't have chemo this week I actually could taste my food.  You have to enjoy it when you can, for the next 2 weeks I'll have a major decrease in my taste buds, darn chemo.


  1. I'm happy your enjoying every moment, and reading your blog you were making me hungry!! What is a bowl of heaven??? Darling pictures!! I'm so happy your feeling so healthy!!

  2. Bowl of Heaven is a smoothie like place but thicker and heavenly!