Friday, September 27, 2013

Chalk Full Fabulous Friday

This week was another off week before a week of double chemo next.  So you know it was chalk full of all I could get into it.
1.  Monday mom and I finally did a little grocery shopping.  I mean really there was like no go to food in our house, except of course in the candy cupboard which every time I go there I hear, "sugar makes cancer grow."  Yea, well if I die from eating candy at least I'll be sweet!
2.  Tuesday was my cousin Michelle's birthday.  So of course we had to celebrate by going to lunch at the Robin's Nest.  It rained all day.  Rain to me means chili or soup so I got a cup of their homemade chili which I had never had.  Talk about delicious and hitting the spot!  Of course we also celebrated with Harvest Pumpkin Cupcakes (see recipe under labels) without oil or frosting.  If you haven't tried them yet you still have plenty of Fall to do so.
Mom thought she had to capture me baking, since she doesn't think I do it enough.
3.  For birthday's I get my nieces and nephews BSU t-shirts, which I finally got this week.  I can't wait to see them all in their BSU apparel.  I also got a new BSU t-shirt and a BSU jacket which I am so in love with!  I got it in the kids department on sale!
4.  Wedenesday I went to my rehab weight lifting class which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I even enjoyed the soreness that it brought me yesterday morning!  I can't wait to have my buff body back (ok maybe just a little more muscle given my muscle has atrophed over the past few months)!
5.  Yesterday I spent 30 minutes with my friend Megan from high school.  She had a hundred pounds of onions so I went and got a bag full for some salsa.  I haven't seen her in years.  It was so fun to catch up with her.  She is such a good example to me of endurance through trials.
6.  Tristen, the girls, and Tenielle came home Wednesday night.  Yesterday for lunch we took the kids to McDonalds.  It was fun to be together and chat.
I should be a photographer!  Lucy was jumping over Karston and I took the picture at the right time.  She looks like a gymnast here.
Love these blue eyed beauties!
Isn't Kaeson the cutest thing?
Sure love this Stella girl!
Of all my nieces and nephews Karston smiles for pictures the best!
7.  Troy drew one of the best tags in the state and got his 6 point elk the second day of the season.  He said that the elk were every where and would come up super close to them.  He shot this one while on a horse.  His friend Cole totally looks like a true cowboy in the picture below.
Grandpa Swensen even felt good enough to come see the elk and have a milk shake.
8.  I got a package from my friend Vicki this week.  She sent me a 31 teal bag and the darling teal and leopard print scarf (see the birthday photo above) which I am totally in love with.  I have such great friends.  I also got this awesome blue and yellow scarf in the mail this week which I ordered from one of my favorite sites  Check it out for daily deals.  All of us girls ordered chevron skirts this week from the site.  Can't wait for them to come in my mailbox!
9.  I'm so excited for this weekend.  Our entire family except Mitch (Tristens Husband) will be home.  Tony and Tanner are driving up this afternoon.  The last time we were all together was I think Christmas; feels like a long time.  You know I'll have a post coming up of all the fun we are going to have!


  1. I have to take a nap after just reading this post, Terah! You are amazing.
    My week?
    Monday....pinned some stuff on Pinterest.
    Tuesday.....did a load of laundry and then pinned some stuff on Pinterest.
    Wednesday.....well, you get the picture.
    You are awesome.

  2. Yes you sure know how to enjoy life!! Those muffins sound so autumn, my favorite kind!! 100 lbs of onions YUK!!!! Onions are evil stay away from them!! Love \AL