Monday, September 30, 2013

Medical Bills

I am interrupting my bill paying for a little blogging.  Just because I'm not working and I don't have a cash flow doesn't mean I don't have bills to pay, it just means my bank account keeps dwindling.  Slowly but surely I am getting my medical bills for my ovarian cancer paid.  It actually feels good to get them paid, sounds crazy I know.  I've never liked the feeling of owing anyone money.  It drives me crazy.
Bills I've Paid:
Pathology:  $461.81
Dr. K: $42.85
Anesthesia:  $987.84
Radiology:  $1082.77
GI Hospital Consult:  $129.28
Several $50.00 co-pays and medications.
I'm still waiting on the St. Lukes Hospital bill:  SCARY.  Actually last time I checked which was last week it was up to $132,000.  Of course we are still waiting on the insurance to see what they are going to cover.  Yes, I've definitely met my max out of pocket and we aren't even finished with chemo and surgeries for this year.  In fact I had a less than 5 minute procedure last week that they billed the insurance over $300 for.  It is kind of cool to get bills that say 100% is covered.  That just means I've met my max out of pocket.  Who knew I'd ever have to worry about medical bills like this?  I'm just grateful for health insurance, a great profession that pays well and parents who taught me to save for a rainy day.
Other Bills:  2 state PA licenses and some CME which I think I'm going to do in NYC in November.  I need some write offs for my meager income this year and of course a trip, since my travels have been put on hold this year.  I've always wanted to go to NYC around the holidays.

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  1. Yikes medical care is out of sight!! I'm with you thankful for insurance!! Love Aunt L