Friday, September 20, 2013

Round 4 Chemo Done FF

I know I missed last weeks Fabulous Friday.  I blame it on the chemo.  Double chemo weeks put me out and sometimes I just don't make it to my computer (really I just get on and off for a second).  So I will recap positives from the past 2 weeks; mostly this week, because chemo weeks bite...
1.  Last Monday the kids came over for nachos and ice cream.  I had been craving good 'ole fashioned nachos for weeks.  I blame cravings on chemo.  The boys were playing in the airplane.  I asked them where they were going and I hear "Wal-Mart!"  Thought it was pretty funny.  Guess they go there too often, but then I heard "The Beach."  Yea, that was a better answer.
We make them go outside from time to time; dumb tech toys.
2.  Tenielle came home last weekend.  I spent more time laying around than visiting with her, but we still had a good time.  I am so grateful she has been able to come home so much during my illness.  We celebrated Tyler and Tenielle's Birthday's while she was here.  Tyler and I are the same age for the next 2 months.  
3.  We watched Troy and Becky's kids last weekend while they went hunting for Becky's elk.  No elk, but happy for 3 year old Beckett and Bridger for finally being potty trained.  
4.  My port hasn't been drawing out blood for the past 3 chemo treatments, which means they have to stick me in the arm.  I had a study done Wednesday which showed it was perfectly fine.  Let's hope in a week when we have chemo again that it will draw out.  
5.  We had Stake Conference this past weekend.  It was full of great talks.  My favorite was given by our friend Becky about having our own (IEP) Individual Eternal Plan.  I felt like she was talking just to me.  Heavenly Father has given me a plan and what I do with it is up to me, of course with His help I can accomplish great things that He has set out for me.  We also got a great new Stake Presidency (we get them every 10 years).  It was fun to see people that I haven't seen in years and to catch up!
6.  Yesterday mom told me to take it easy.  I guess she thinks I don't rest enough.  So I pretty much layed on the couch and read a book.  Sometimes you just need days like that.  
7.  Today was the first day that I lifted weights in 4 months.  Can I tell you I feel great!  I met with a personal trainer from MSTI's Integrative Medicine Program and we put together a weight lifting program designed just for me.  It is a great rehab program, which I'm excited to be a part of.  I was so much stronger than I thought, but definitely have several weak spots.  It will be fun to see my progress throughout the next 4 months.  
8.  I met Alisha for lunch at Flat Bread (my new favorite restaurant) and had a chat on a lovely September afternoon.  The wind was slightly blowing, but it was perfect.  I also met up with my BSU advisor over a carmel apple cider (my first one of the season).  It was so good to see her and catch up.  I'm so blessed to have amazing people in my life.  
9.  I had another slice of peach pie this week.  I will never get sick of Silvia's Fresh Peach Pie!
10.  I met up with my swimming sisters at one of their houses for lunch this week.  It was so good to see them.  One of them I hadn't seen since April.  She brought me plums and apples from her orchard!  The apples were a bit tart, but in a few weeks once we have a frost they will be fabulous!


  1. I love hearing all about your life Terah. You may be going through heck right now, but you sure enjoy all you can and I admire you so much! We still pray daily for you and think of you often. I love reading your blog!

  2. Thanks, I figure I might as well live life to the fullest, than sulk and feel sorry for myself. Luckily most days I really am feeling pretty good, except for a few days after the double chemo. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. Hope it isn't too boring! Keep up the prayers, they truly are heard and answered!

  3. So what kind of yumminess do they serve at this Flat Bread place? :D

    1. I had a vegi pizza with goat cheese and a apple salad. They do have amazing mac and cheese too! It is a local restaurant with fresh ingredients. We'll have to go next time you are in town!

  4. I love reading your blog too Terah, you amaze me how much you are enjoying life at such a hard time!! You take every little thing and make the most of it!!

    1. Every thing seems so much bigger and brighter since I have gotten cancer. The little things are now the big things! I'm enjoying this season of my life even though it is difficult at times.