Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Liver Functions

2 Sunday's ago I woke up at 6am with the worst abdominal pain that was radiating around to my back. It came on so suddenly and wouldn't go away.  I thought I was hungry so I ate a graham cracker and a handful of cereal; no relief.  I felt nauseated, but didn't throw up thank goodness.  I was sweating like crazy too.  I would walk over to the kitchen bar and bend over, because bending seemed to help some, then I'd go to the chair and curl up in a fetal position, then to the bed, which made it worse.  Nothing was relieving my pain.  My dad gave me a blessing and in it blessed that I'd feel well enough to attend my church meetings (he doesn't remember this, but mom and I do).  I finally took some pain medicine and continued in the fetal position in the chair, then to the bed until it finally wore off.  Thank goodness, because mom was threatening to take me to the ER and you all know me I would protest that like crazy given my years working in the ER.  I finally got in bed at 7:30 and fell asleep.  At 8:37 I woke up and said, lets go to church.  Of course we were a few minutes late, but we were there to see the children as they put on their yearly Primary Program which I had waited for weeks to see.  Not a few minutes after I got home the pain started again, this time a little less and only on the right side.  The pain felt like I was having a gallstone or kidney stone attack.  It was horrible.  I took more pain meds, a nice long nap and haven't felt the pain since.  Two days later when I had chemo one of my liver functions was 439 (it is suppose to be below 35).  Two weeks before it was finally normal after 3 months of being slightly elevated.  Liver failure has always been one of those disease's I hope I never have to experience.  Dr. Dan didn't seem to concerned.  He told me I had chemical hepatitis from the chemo and it would improve eventually.  Nice.  Yesterday before I went to chemo I prayed that my liver functions would be improved and I'm happy to report it was only 79, still a little elevated but much improved.  As for the abdominal pain, I've never had it again and hope I never do!  My other important cancer labs, white count, platelets, lymphocytes are all rather normal in the cancer world, not normal for a healthy person, but normal enough for me to continue treatment.  Hoping for this tender mercy for the next 6 treatments so that my plan of finishing is still October 29!


  1. I have just caught up on your blog through all your treatment and diagnosis. You are amazing Terah! What a strength and example you are to your family and everyone around you. You are loved and we pray for you often!

  2. Ah, thanks. Sure can't wait for it all to be over and done with, then I can come out to CLT for a celebration of endurance!

  3. How thankful we are for blessings and prayer!!