Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How To Say GoodBye To Summer Style?

Today amongst the rain and chilled temps, I realized I need to say goodbye to Summer style and move on to Fall, however I'm just not quite sure how that is going to happen.  Don't get me wrong, I love sweaters, jeans, scarves and Fall style.  I have a figure flaw at the moment though...I still can't wear anything tight around my waste because of surgery and jeans and cords are usually tighter than skirts, which I've been wearing since surgery.  (I even have a new pair of Lucky Jeans for the season).  I have found 1 pair of capri's and my yoga pants that I can wear without being uncomfortable, but that's it as far as pants are concerned.  And the shoe thing is going to be even harder because I love wearing my flip flops.  I think I might just have to break out my dansko's and wear them with skirts, even though it doesn't look that cool.  Maybe if I get some cool tights and pair them with skirts it might not look so bad.  This evening I packed up my cute Summer skirts and dresses.  Eventually I'll make it to the storage unit for Winter clothes, however since it was Winter when I left for Phoenix in March, most of my Winter clothes are still out.  Oh, Summer why do you have to go?  Although, I will admit I am ready for all things Fall!

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