Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Aidree Lin

Today is my oldest nieces 4th birthday!  Aidree Lin Auntie Terah loves you so very much.  I am so happy that you take after me with your spunk, bright mind, big smile, mind of her own, determination, love of candy, sense of fashion and sharing middle names.  I'm so sad we can't have lunch at the Robin's Nest today to celebrate your big day, but when you come to visit next we will go there and you can have as much chips and dip that you can get in your little belly.  I'll even throw in a few extra treats in my purse and feed you candy that your mom won't.  I love when you say funny things, like when we are out and about and someone asks what your name is and you reply, "Snow White."  Or when I was sick and you wanted to be Hazel (my nurse) and I would ring my bell for you and you would come running.  It was funny when I was with you a few weeks ago and you asked me to call you Hazel.  Your mom might not think it is funny but I sure do!  And this morning I asked you to get in the car and drive here to visit me and you said, "It's to far."  You are a smart girl, 5 hours seems like to far for sure at age 4.  Wear your birthday crown today since you are the princess!
Getting ready to pop out of your mother's belly!
Meeting you for the first time was such a joy!

You and Bridget love dipping chips at the Robin's Nest.
I like when you wear your hair like Tiger Lily.

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