Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Say Love

Yesterday when I got home from chemo a flyer from Deseret Book was in the mail advertising another of my favorite artist's has a new album out this week!  Two new albums from my two favorite artist's this week makes for a happier me!  Hilary Weeks has her 10th album out called Say Love.  What a fun title!  I have yet to listen to it, but I know it will be fantastic as they always are.  I'll have all day today to listen to new album's while I have my second chemo treatment of round 4 today!  I always have loved Hilary's music.  The words always hit home to me exactly when I need them.  I love all the songs on her album If I Only Had Today which is my favorite album, but the ones I have related to at different times in my life the most are If I Only Had Today, Just Let Me Cry, Tender Behind The Mercy, When You Least Expect It and Reaching.  When life seems tough I listen to this album and realize I have an amazing Heavenly Father who hears my prayers, understands my sufferings, and wants me to grow and learn to become like Him.  It is only through stretching experience's that make us stronger, better, more spiritual and more like Him.  Who can go wrong with a $9.99 purchase from iTunes for uplifting music from Hilary Weeks and Mindy Gledhill?  Surely not me and surely not you!  Happy Listening!


  1. It is a really good album, I just heard it today. One particular song makes me think of you and is about someone that is your hero and you are mine!! If you don't have the album yet I'll be happy to send you one!!
    Love Aunt Leslie

  2. I haven't gotten it yet, but want to. I can't wait to hear the entire album!

  3. Had a few minutes before the kids start coming home and wanted to catch up on your life. I love reading your blog because it always sounds like you could be right here telling me in person. Always make me smile. Glad you're doing well. Keep fighting and keep being so positive. You're awesome! Can't wait to get my "Terah's Army" bracelet!!!